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VOIP Telephone System

Voice over IP (VOIP) is a fantastic product that takes your regular telephone calls and routes them over the internet instead of over regular phone lines. The result is a cheaper and more flexible service.

  • Hunt Groups (all your phones ring together)
  • Call Hold, Transfer & Divert
  • Work from home as if you are in the office
  • Cheaper call rates
  • IVR Menu (press 1 for accounts, etc)
  • Keep your existing number
  • New numbers from any area code

We work with a number of providers depending on your individual customer needs we can put together a package that suits you.

From £9.95 per extension per month

Handset Options
VOIP Phones

We supply phones ranging from a simple desk phone to conference room phones to cordless phones as well as accessories like headsets.

You even have the option to install a phone app on your smart phone so you can take your calls on the go without even needing to forward them.

Take Your Calls Wherever You Are

VOIP is brilliant for small businesses who may not even have a central office or for staff who work routinely from home or do a lot of travelling.

You can call between extensions, transfer between sites and take your phone anywhere there is an internet connection. The caller will never know and you won’t rake up huge bills either.