IT Support and Consultancy for Small Business | London, Hertfordshire & Essex
Business Grade IT Support

Support contracts are the core of our business. Our bread and butter and what we excel at.

Every client is unique so we always start out with a visit and an informal chat to understand your business setup. Whether you are a one man band working from home or an office of twenty we can tailor support for your needs.

We can arrange anything from as simple as being on the end of the phone when you need a hand to doing regular visits and maintenance for you.

Our staff are friendly and don’t speak in techy jargon – we always make sure you understand what is being done and why.

Sensible IT Consultancy

We work with your business to help you establish exactly how best to use technology to your advantage. We can help with matters as simple as helping you select a printer to complete network overhauls. Our clients choose Speak Digital because we understand that IT is a vital tool in your business and that you need it to be dependable and hassle free.

Computing and technology doesn’t need to cost the earth. Speak Digital will help you get value for money by delivering the right solution for your needs whilst keeping up with the constant changes in the IT industry.

One Off Repair / Cleanup

Maybe you don’t need a support contract but you have something that is going wrong, a computer that died or just think things have slowed down and gotten clogged up with junk?

Either remotely or onsite depending on your needs we can quote for one-off jobs and get you back up and running at full speed – safe & secure.

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If you are talking with one of our engineers and they are asking to share you screen with you then click here to open our remote support application, TeamViewer.