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Managed Anti-Virus & Firewall

Unfortunately in this day and age cybercrime is all too prevalent and even the most careful of users can be misled to click something they should not.

We partner with ESET to bring you software that keeps you safe but doesn’t pop up all the time and drive you mad. We can also monitor your business machines for you so we can know immediately if there are any issues and take care of them before they escalate.

Ransomware is particularly nasty – it locks up all your files and demands you pay to have them decrypted. ESET can help protect you against this and as long as you have a backup then you have covered all your bases.


Monitored Data Backup

Backup, Backup, Backup! That is what they say and that is what we recommend. Just as with cloud services there is no longer any need for you to manage your own backup tapes and be concerned about who remembered to take them home last.

With our solution you get a daily email confirming that all your data is safely backed up offsite. In fact it’s held safely encrypted in an EU based data protection compliant centre. We keep a version history of your files so not only can you recover deleted items but you can also fix mistakes by going back to a previous revision on a particular document.

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Security Review


As your business grows and expands it is easy to lose track of all the technology and solutions you have put in place over time. Did you remember to disable the user account for that staff member who left? Does your old IT guy still have remote access to your server?

We can conduct a thorough review of your services and give you a fresh report of all your equipment, user accounts, entry points and check things such as your password policies and staff training.