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What is the Cloud? Why might you want to use it?

In the past every office would have a server of some kind. An expensive box that needed an engineer to maintain it and your business was totally dependent on it.

The cloud simply replaces that server with online facilities. The key ones are email and file services but you also find various other things can now be hosted in the cloud such as accountancy packages.

The advantage is that the cloud providers have full resilient and redundant infrastructure with engineers on-site 24/7 and are able to guarantee a level of service that small businesses could not previously afford to implement.

Pricing tends to be per user so it scales with you from solo worker to huge enterprises. It’s not right for everyone and there are things to consider before diving in, but we are here to guide and help you make the best choice for your business.

Work from Anywhere
Phone, Tablet & Laptop

Once your services are no longer tied to a server in your office you are no longer limited to working on-site. Our cloud solutions let you work from your home computer, mobile laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Tie this in with our VOIP Telephony services and you really can work from anywhere with all the facilites you would expect from your office.

Microsoft Office 365

The power of Microsoft Office software combined with fantastic collaborative tools such as shared calendars and contacts powered by Exchange.

Choose from only email services, online software or get the full Office suite included with 5 installations for each user.

Exchange Online – £45 per user per annum
Business Basic – £65 per user per annum
Business Standard – £145 per user per annum

Our prices include a markup which covers setup and support on top of the basic service from Microsoft.

G Suite

Everyone loves the features of Gmail and with G Suite your business email can be powered by Gmail. Perfect if you are not a fan of the cost of Miscrosoft Outlook.

Google Suite provides excellent anti-spam and virus protection for your emails. You can easily see your email, contacts and calenders on your PC, on your phone and tablet or on the web.

G Suite Basic – £50 per user per annum
G Suite Business – £95 per user per annum

Our prices include a markup which covers setup and support on top of the basic service from Google.

Citrix Hosted Desktop

Citrix Hosted Desktop puts your desktop computer experience fully in the cloud. This means that no matter where you or your staff are, you connect to the same destkop. Everything is stored securely inside the enviroment which is protected by industry leading firewalls and multi-factor authentication.

You can connect to a hosted destkop from a PC, Apple Mac, Chrome Boom, tablet or even your mobile phone. Our platform is powerful enough to run all your standard applications such as Office, web browsers and specialist software such as accounting packages like Sage or IRIS. We also have a GPU option for more intense workloads such as Photoshop or AutoCAD.